Grantmaking Guidelines

Areas of Interest

The Foundation supports non-profit organizations in the areas of:

  • Health Services & Sciences
  • Education
  • Human Services
  • Quality of Life

Geographic Limitations

Contributions to charitable organizations are limited to the following locations:

  • Tennessee: Knox, Anderson, Scott, and Blount Counties
  • Kentucky: Bell, Clay, Laurel, and Leslie Counties
  • Virginia: Buchanan and Tazewell Counties

Types of Support

Grants to qualifying charitable organizations are available for matching funds, and capital projects.

Grants will not be awarded to support endowment funds or deficit operation budgets.

Statement regarding religious institutions

While TCF honors and respects religious institutions, especially those active in their communities, we do not fund religious activities such as worship and evangelism or the general operation of religious organizations whose primary purpose is worship and evangelism.  We also do not fund repair or expansion of buildings primarily used for religious activities.  At our board’s discretion, we may fund religious non-profits engaged in human service programming that does not require adherence to religious beliefs or participation in religious activities.

Review our Application Procedures.