Application Information

Invitation only policy for April 2024

The Thompson Charitable Foundation (TCF) is in the midst of a leadership transition and is also updating its application process to be more accessible to potential grantees.  In order to provide time to implement these changes, the TCF board will only accept grant applications from organizations invited to apply and will not accept unsolicited proposals for its Spring, 2024 grant review meeting.  If your organization has not been invited to submit a proposal by February 15, 2024, you may contact TCF staff and ask about the possibility of being invited to submit a proposal.  We intend to return to an open application process for our Fall 2024 grant review meeting.

Application Procedures

The Thompson Foundation board meets two times a year to consider grant requests. There is a spring meeting in late April with a grant application submission deadline of March 1st, and a fall meeting in early October with a grant application submission deadline of August 15th.

The Thompson Charitable Foundation does not have a required application form. Instead, applicants are asked to submit a letter of not more than two pages describing the project for which the grant is being sought. In addition, the following information should be attached:

  1. A description of the organization, a list of directors and staff, and a copy of the organization’s annual budget;
  2. A copy of the organization’s tax exempt ruling from the I.R.S.; and latest 990 tax return.
  3. An estimated project budget with tentative line items.
  4. Total cost of the project for which funds are being sought.
  5. At least two (preferably three) credible quotes for equipment, computer and vehicle purchases and for construction/renovation projects.

All grant requests are reviewed and researched by the foundation’s staff before presentation to the board of directors. Applicants will be notified of the board’s decision. Grant recipients are required to submit annual reports of their activities and expenditures.

To Submit an Application

Complete applications may be e-mailed to:

[email protected]

Review our Grantmaking Guidelines.